CleanApp Solid Waste Management Portal

CleanApp is a portal designed to be used to collect and manage solid waste management in Ghana. The application comes in four components which includes; Mobile Application, USSD platform, Web information portal, Backend

Our values include;
Maintaining Cleanliness

We committed to keeping homes and communities clean always and consistently. In patnership with the various Stakeholders we are able to meet your solid waste problems

Advocacy and Awarenes Creation.

CleanApp has serveral media to create awareness on proper solid waste management and also assist policy makers in decision making.

Providing useful information.

CleanApp consolidate all useful information need in ensuring proper waste managing standards for both the general public and stakeholders.

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Request Solid waste collection in your homes or neighbourhood, contact sanitation service providers, get useful information on Solid Waste Management in videos and articles, and locate available solid waste containers arround you in the palm of your hands ..

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